same-day crowns

Dental crowns are a great option for patients who have teeth that are cracked, decaying, or worn down. They allow us to preserve teeth that might otherwise require extraction, and they can address issues too severe for just a filling.

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what to expect when getting same-day crowns

It’s easier than ever to get dental crowns: whereas it used to take weeks to get one, it’s now possible for us to create them in a single day.

To start, we’ll prepare the tooth and scan your teeth to create a digital impression. This impression allows us to manufacture the exact crown you need.

From there, we’ll begin the milling process. Producing the crown in the lab takes roughly 40 minutes. You’re welcome to leave the office during this time, but we also have televisions available for your entertainment. Once the crown is made, we can then bond it to your tooth.

aftercare tips

Our office offers both zirconia and e-max crowns. These strong, long-lasting materials are up to the task of replacing natural tooth material, which means you won’t need to make significant changes to your diet once the area has healed.

We recommend against chewing ice or biting packages to open them, but these activities are also bad for your natural teeth.

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