Missing teeth can cause a variety of different problems. Along with making it difficult to eat or speak, they can also lead to further oral health complications. Dentures are a cost-effective solution.

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when are dentures the right choice?

Dentures are designed to replace many teeth, allowing you to eat, speak, and smile. The fact that they’re cost-effective makes them a great solution for many people, and in most cases, they don’t require any surgery or other preparatory treatments.

If you’re wondering whether dentures are the right choice, we’ll sit down with you. By examining your mouth and listening to all your concerns, we can recommend the reparative treatment best suited to helping you attain a happy, healthy smile.

what to expect when wearing dentures

Even if you have dentures, it’s important to regularly clean them. Brushing them daily prevents staining while also ensuring that bacteria doesn’t build up over time.

You’ll also want to soak them overnight. This moisture helps them maintain their shape and also gives your mouth time to rest before wearing the dentures again the next day. Inadequate care can lead to inflammation while also reducing the longevity of your dentures.

do you need dentures in knoxville, tennessee?

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