91% of American adults have experienced tooth decay. While this is unfortunate, there are many procedures that can replace the missing tooth material. Fillings are an excellent option for many cavities.

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who's a good candidate for fillings?

Fillings are ideal for smaller cavities. If your cavities are too severe for fillings, we may recommend a more extensive restorative procedure.

Our goal is to always preserve as much tooth material as possible, which means we’ll only recommend extractions in extreme cases.

what to expect from your fillings

The actual process of getting fillings is simple: numbing gel and local anesthetic are typically enough to prevent you from experiencing any pain. You will experience little-to-no discomfort for the few days following the procedure.

Fillings are designed to function just like your natural teeth, which means they don’t require any changes to your diet. Once you have them, we recommend getting regular cleanings at our office. Our tools can help prevent future decay.

Additionally, these appointments give us the chance to regularly examine your mouth for any other issues. Generally speaking, the quicker we spot something, the easier it is to fix.

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