What to Expect When Getting a Dental Crown

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Many people feel anxious when facing dental treatments, especially when they are involved in procedures like getting dental crowns in Knoxville, TN. However, understanding each step can significantly ease this anxiety.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of obtaining dental crowns from the initial consultation to the final placement. By demystifying this procedure, we aim to help you feel more comfortable and informed about what to expect during your visit to the dentist.

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Dental Crown Procedure: A Step-By-Step Guide

Initial Consultation and Examination

The first step in getting a dental crown involves a thorough examination of the tooth that needs it. During this consultation, the dentist will assess the health of your tooth and surrounding gums to ensure a crown is the best option. We may also take X-rays to check the roots of the tooth and the surrounding bone.

Preparing the Tooth

Once it's determined that a dental crown is necessary, the next appointment will focus on preparing the tooth. This involves reshaping the tooth’s surface to make room for the crown. Depending on the damage or decay, part of the tooth may be removed, or the tooth may be built up with filling material to support the crown.

Taking Impressions

After preparing the tooth, the dentist will scan an impression of it. We do not have to use impression material! The digital scan is easy, comfortable, and, best of all, there is no gagging or bad taste. This scan will serve as the blueprint for creating your custom crown. The impression ensures that the crown will fit perfectly over your tooth and align correctly with your bite.

Fabricating the Crown

Our CEREC® CAD software creates a custom crown from the digital model. After the design is completed, our CEREC® CAM software manufactures your crown down the hall at our in-house lab. This process usually takes about an hour. During the fabrication of your crown, you’re free to watch TV or movies, listen to the radio, work remotely, or leave and run some errands. 

Fitting and Adjusting the Crown

Once your crown is ready, you’ll return to us for a fitting. During this visit, the dentist will place the crown on your tooth to check its fit and color, ensuring it matches your other teeth and feels natural in your mouth. Any necessary adjustments are made at this stage.

Caring for Your New Crown  

After the fitting, the dentist will give you care instructions for your new crown. Proper care can significantly extend the life of the crown. This includes regular brushing and flossing, avoiding hard foods that might damage the crown, and regular dental check-ups.

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Are You Considering Dental Crowns in Knoxville, TN?

Getting a dental crown is a standard procedure designed to restore the function and appearance of your tooth. Each step, from consultation to final placement, focuses on ensuring the best dental health and comfort outcome. 

If you're considering dental crowns, consider Brian Rich, DMD, for your treatment. Our practice specializes in same-day crowns, utilizing advanced technology to deliver your custom crown in a single visit. This means less waiting, fewer appointments, and more immediate results.

Experience the convenience and high-quality care at Brian Rich DMD. With the expertise you trust, we make it easier to achieve a healthier, more beautiful smile. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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