Can I Get Dental Fillings During Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy is an incredible journey filled with joy, anticipation, and many questions. Pregnant women may hesitate to undergo dental treatments like dental fillings in Knoxville, TN, due to concerns about their unborn baby's safety, potential complications, limited information, hormonal changes, and more.

As you embark on this miraculous adventure, you may have concerns about your dental health and wonder if receiving dental fillings during this special time is safe.

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Is It Safe to Get Dental Fillings During Pregnancy?

Understanding the Importance of Dental Health During Pregnancy

Since pregnancy hormones can affect your dental health, they increase the risk of gum disease, tooth decay, and other oral issues. Moreover, untreated dental problems during pregnancy can affect you and your baby. While hormonal changes may lead to sensitive and inflamed gums, changes in saliva and dietary habits can heighten the risk of tooth decay.

Consequently, it’s best to prioritize dental health through proper oral hygiene, regular check-ups, and timely treatment during pregnancy. Although dentists can safely perform treatments like fillings during the second trimester, seeking professional care ensures a healthy pregnancy.  

The Impact of Oral Health on Pregnancy

Research suggests a link between oral health and pregnancy outcomes. Poor oral health, such as gum disease and untreated dental problems, have been associated with premature birth, low birth weight, and gestational diabetes.  

Gum disease can release toxins and bacteria into the bloodstream, potentially reaching the placenta and affecting fetal development. In addition, oral bacteria in untreated gum disease trigger the body's inflammatory response. This inflammation contributes to premature birth, low birth weight, and insulin resistance, leading to gestational diabetes.

Dental Fillings and Pregnancy: What You Should Know

The good news is that receiving dental fillings during pregnancy is generally safe. However, there are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Timing

Nonemergency dental treatments, including fillings, are best scheduled during the second trimester. Most of the baby's major organs have formed by this time, reducing potential risks.

  • Local Anesthesia

Local anesthesia is commonly used during dental procedures to numb the treated area. The American Dental Association (ADA) confirms that most local anesthetics are safe for pregnant women when administered properly.

  • X-rays

While routine dental X-rays are generally avoided during pregnancy, they can be performed with appropriate shielding and precautions if necessary. However, dental fillings typically do not require X-rays.

  • Mercury-Free Fillings

Traditional amalgam fillings contain a small amount of mercury. Although there is no conclusive evidence of harm from dental amalgam, many dentists prefer to use mercury-free alternatives, such as composite resin fillings, during pregnancy.

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Are You Considering Dental Fillings in Knoxville, TN?

As an expectant mother, dental health is essential to your overall well-being. You can promptly minimize potential risks and maintain good oral health by addressing dental issues.

If you’re considering dental fillings, Dr. Brian Rich, DMD, and his team of skilled dental professionals are committed to providing you with exceptional care and a safe and comfortable dental experience.  Besides providing personalized advice, you can count on us to take every precaution to ensure your safety and your baby’s health during dental treatments. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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