Can Dentures Change the Way You Speak?

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As a denture wearer or someone interested in the mechanics of speech, it's worth exploring how artificial teeth can impact our ability to communicate effectively. By educating yourself on the speech impact of wearing dentures in Knoxville, you can better understand how to communicate clearly and effectively in any situation.

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How Dentures Shape Your Speech

Dentures play a significant role in restoring smiles and functionality for individuals with missing teeth. However, adjusting to dentures can affect speech due to their presence in the mouth, leading to temporary speech challenges. Here's how dentures can impact speech and potential solutions to address these issues.

Increased Oral Bulk

Wearing dentures can change the shape of your mouth, which can make it harder to produce certain speech sounds like "s," "th," and "f." But if you practice speaking and reading aloud regularly, you can train your tongue to adjust to the changes. Over time, you'll get used to the dentures and be able to speak more clearly.

Speech Sounds Distortion

If you wear dentures, it can affect how you pronounce certain sounds and make your speech unclear. For this reason, it's best to practice saying difficult sounds and words in front of a mirror. This will help you see where you need to improve and work on it better.

Slurred Speech

When you start wearing dentures, it may take some time for your tongue and lips to adjust to them, causing slurred speech and making it harder to speak clearly. To improve your speaking abilities, try engaging in tongue and lip exercises.

These exercises can help strengthen the muscles in your mouth and improve your ability to enunciate words. Try practicing saying words that involve a lot of movement in your lips and tongue, such as "pucker up" or "big baby bubbles." With consistent practice, you may notice a significant improvement in your speech clarity and overall comfort when wearing dentures.

Increased Saliva Production

Wearing dentures can cause speech problems due to excess saliva production, resulting in frequent pauses or swallowing interruptions. Excess saliva can be managed by regularly swallowing during speech and maintaining good oral hygiene. Over time, the body adapts to the dentures, which reduces saliva production.

Difficulty with “S” Sounds

To pronounce the "s" sound correctly, you must properly position your tongue against your upper front teeth. Wearing dentures can change this placement, causing a noticeable lisp. To reduce lisping, practice saying words with "s" sounds and slowly adjust the position of your tongue.

Impaired Denture Stability

If your dentures don't fit well, they can slip around and make it hard to talk normally. This can create clicking sounds or make it difficult to speak clearly. It's important to have your dentures adjusted by a dentist to ensure they fit properly and stay in place while you talk. This will help you maintain stable speech.

Lack of Confidence

Having trouble speaking because of dentures can lower your confidence and make you hesitant to talk to others. That's why it's important to practice and be kind to yourself. Remember that getting used to dentures takes time and that your speech will improve with practice.

Increased Effort and Fatigue

If you're new to wearing dentures, you might feel more tired and strained when speaking. It's important to be patient and take breaks when necessary. As your muscles get stronger, speaking with dentures should become more comfortable and less tiring over time.

Vowel Sound Changes

Wearing dentures can affect how you make vowel sounds, which can change the quality of your speech. Practicing vowel sounds and words regularly can help improve your ability to articulate. It may also be useful to listen to your speech recordings and track your progress to improve your articulation.

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